November 1, 2014

Instaweek: High

I just can't believe it's November already.  2014 has flown by so fast, and I've already felt myself slipping into the reflective trance I like to end each year with - quietly reflecting upon the year's happenings, remembering all our experiences and everything they've taught us, thinking about how I can do things even better going forward.  Life just keeps getting blowing me away, and I'm really excited to start making some plans for the future.  2014 has been amazing, and next year will be even bigger and better.

With that said, it's been another week riding this incredible high on life!  Livi and I got outside every day - walks, hiking the nature trail, catching a glorious sunrise, and her first time in the baby swing (which she absolutely loved).  I left her with my sister for a few hours (her first time staying with anyone other than David) so I could do some shopping (where I scored wedding shoes for $13 - not typical wedding shoes but they are precisely ME, and I love them!).  Livi surprised us by doing fantastic, right up until she got hungry anyway.  We got to join Noah for his school Halloween party - I just love seeing him interact with his teachers and friends, and can't believe how much he's grown up in the past few months.

The few little wedding items we ordered have arrived and we're all ready to go!  Next week we have dentist and doctor's appointments, plus all the last minute wedding details to wrap up.  I'm going to drastically cut back on blogging and social media for the next week or two (I have a few photo posts already lined up but don't plan to start anything new ones) so I can just memorize and revel in and let myself be completely overwhelmed by the amazing joy and happiness I'm feeling.  I'm floating on Cloud 9, and the view is quite lovely!

October 29, 2014


Faith is Dorothy for Halloween.  I made her this cute but subtle tutu costume.  Chewie is featured as Toto.

October 28, 2014

Seven Months

This past month we welcomed over three glorious weeks completely free of allergy symptoms!!  Through months of elimination diet we've finally compiled a list of food to be avoided because they bother Olivia (dairy, soy, wheat, egg, tomato, and strawberry), and life has been better than grand since I've altered my diet yet again.  It's been amazing to see such a happy baby after such a rough start to life.  And a happy baby she is!  While she still has the odd period of baby crankiness once a week or so for a few hours (usually due to being tired and not wanting to nap), she's actually a very calm, quiet, and happy baby - which we love.  As her personality shines through more and more every day, I have to say that she definitely seems to take after her Daddy more than anyone else - calm, cool, and collected on the daily!

Although she still doesn't babble much, we've had a definitive and consistent "gaga" (which David swears is "dada" - ha!) several times this month.  Mostly though, she's a very quiet baby.  She reminds me a lot of a cat - she doesn't freely give away her giggles and babbles to just anyone at anytime; she will make you work for it, and much like her Daddy, saves her expressive emotions for the truly moving moments - which in my eyes makes them all the more special and heartwarming.

She is now "crawling" backwards, lying on her belly and pushing with her hands and feet in the completely wrong direction - it's adorable, but it works!  She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth like crazy, but no true crawling as of yet.  She doesn't need it though - she rolls and scoots and does whatever is necessary to get where she wants to go, and she's surprisingly fast.  She also loves to stand and has just recently started standing on her own while holding on to something for stability.  We're quickly approaching the "oh boy" stage of movement!  She absolutely loves "floor time" now, especially when her big brother or sister join her to play.  She loves to "play" with all her toys now, no particular favorites as they all seem to thrill her as if they were brand new each time she picks them up.  The majority of her clothes are now 3-6 months, though she needs 6-9 month sleepers due to her relatively long legs (obviously where all her meager length comes from), and she can still squeeze into the 0-3 onesies she's worn since birth (she has a very short torso just like Mommy and Daddy).  She's still in size 2 diapers, and will start incorporating in some cloth diapers this coming month.  Sleep is about the same - she naps beautifully for several hours at a time during the day and then seems to be up all night (usually 2-3 times but it feels like ten).  It is what it is - I just have to be thankful for the extra calorie burn (as my weight has continued to drop with little effort on my part), and my body has somehow adjusted to the frequent wakings so I don't feel nearly as tired as I used to (which of course, doesn't mean I'm not still tired on the regular).  As for solids, I can say that she "likes" a few things (carrots, bananas, and avocado) but she really only consumes less than one spoonful before being completely over it - she's really not that interested.  We're of the "food before one is just for fun" mentality (though David and the kids are eager for her to eat more so they can feed her), so I'm happy to continue being her sole source of nutrition until she's ready to take that next step.

I feel like Livi is really starting to get to the super fun part of babyhood.  She's happy and healthy, which brings a completely new dynamic to our house, and I love it!  She's beginning to get curious, to explore the world around her, learn from it, interact with it.  I just love watching her take this all in, and I love this stage of life!  Can't wait to see what the next month brings!

October 27, 2014


This past weekend was one of those relatively uneventful but absolutely perfect weekends I've come to adore so much.  Together David and I tackled one of our biggest fears to completely disassemble, work on (desolder/solder), and reassemble a laptop.  While we didn't actually fix the problem (boooo), with the turning of the last screw it really hit me (once again) what an amazing team we make.  We've had several discussions over the past few months (perhaps because of the wedding buzz in the air) about how close we've become over these past few years together.  We both feel so comfortable talking about anything to each other, be it embarrassing or deeply personal or just as silly as can be.  His laid back attitude has calmed me significantly.  Though we still have our differences, many of our political and religious views have converged - we've evolved right alongside each other, no doubt the result of numerous thought-provoking conversations.  And even the tiniest and seemingly-insignificant things, such as laptop repair, have shown me that together we can overcome any fears, tackle any obstacle, take over the world.  More and more every day I'm reassured that this is the man for me, and I'm so lucky that I get to spend forever with him by my side.

LOVE seems to be the song playing on repeat lately.  Saturday morning David was off to work for a few hours, and while Faith slept in I got in some morning snuggles with Noah and Livi.  It's been so amazing to watch him get to know her and grow to genuinely love her from the depths of his heart, not just automatically take to her because that's what he was "supposed" to do.  He loves to help out with her, as much as a four-year-old can, and now that she actually "plays" he is eager to interact with her more and more - such a sharp contrast from the early months where he mostly ignored her (but who can blame him when she easily spent 6+ hours screaming daily?).  Of course, that's not to diminish the instantaneous love that Faith felt for this baby sister she had wished for - she loved Olivia when she was nothing more than a bump in my belly.  Seeing that love has been just as amazing in a completely different way.  I'm so excited to watch these two girls together in the coming years - there's just nothing that compares to sisters, and I'm sure the age difference will make for a very interesting bond.

Friday evening Faith and I had the chance to have an amazing shoot out in the woods - the leaves are still gorgeous and I'm hoping I can get in another session before they are all gone.  Saturday we all had fun at a Paris-themed birthday party for my little step-sister.  Sunday I had a trail run with my wedding makeup and I'm so pleased with how good it looked and how pretty it made me feel.  I also had the chance to lounge on the couch for awhile with a cold beverage in hand (cream soda) and watch a little football while the kids played together and David made us two big pots of gumbo and tortilla soup to munch on during the week.

I've been a bit ridiculous lately, just overcome with so much overwhelming love, so much happiness, so many feel good emotions coursing through my veins and dictating my cheery mood, my unwavering confidence in this little family of mine, and leaving me riding a crazy, crazy high on life.