December 20, 2014


Winter is in full effect in our house, with a plethora of illnesses floating around.  I had to take Noah to the doctor earlier this week for an infection, Livi Boo had a day of hives reacting to something, and I was in the hospital all day yesterday with a bad stomach bug (something I normally wouldn't have fretted over but I was severely dehydrated and fearful of what might happen to my milk supply if I just road it out).  Thankfully I'm home now and on the mend, finally able to keep fluids and food down.  Now I just need to prevent anyone else from catching it (see: bleach and Lysol!).  Other than that, we had a fairly laid back week doing Christmassy type things, like baking cookies and working on a few handmade gifts.  Thursday was the kids' last day of school so they are officially on Winter Break until next year, and I'm so excited to spend some extra time with them.  My mom and my dad have a few weeks off from work as well, so I know they're excited to spend some time with their grandparents as well.  I missed out on this extra time with my (extended) family during my years living overseas, so it's something I appreciate more than ever now.  I'm really excited to start a few new traditions this year with our little family, traditions that I'm hoping will last for many years to come!

I've spent months trying to type up a post about how beautifully this family of mine completes me.  It's not just that our family is now complete with the birth of our last child and my marriage to David bring us together legally.  These are just the actual, literal event that completed our family - and that, in and of itself, has brought much happiness into my life.  There is a surprising level of peace and comfort that comes with that stability and security - something I can't really explain, but that has changed my life so much over these past few months.  But those events triggered an even more profound experience - I have been really and truly completed within myself, fulfilled to the very core in ways I never imagined.  Every time I try to explain this, it comes across as a shallow brag, or a passive-aggressive "my life is so much better than yours," and that's certain not the case; as I've said to friends and family before, there is no better or worse, just different.  And maybe this "different" is just something that is not meant to be explained; it's an experience so deep, so personal, and so profound that it must be felt rather than heard.  

December 18, 2014


Roasted cinnamon blueberries (37 weeks).

December 17, 2014


My camera is majorly low light challenged, but I had fun playing around with it to capture this silhouette photo of all three kids in front of the tree tonight.  I love that warm glow from the Christmas lights, and the way they bounce off the paneled walls is pretty neat, creating an almost psychedelic swirly pattern.  I can't believe Christmas is just over a week away!

December 12, 2014


Chocolate covered Oreo treats with the kids, picked up a few new village pieces (including a cute married couple), starting a felt flower bouquet for a Christmas prezzie for Faith, Livi's first time sitting in the shopping cart, catching up on wrapping (complete with homemade paper bows), and Livi found Santa during a Walmart run.  Olivia is sporting another cold, and another growth spurt - she's been eating and nursing like crazy!  Next week the kids will finish up school and then be home for Christmas break until next year - I can't wait!

It's hard to say you love your body and you're happy with how you look without sounding like a vain asshat, but I do love my body and I am happy with how I look.  If anything, I've been completely humbled by just how amazing this body is - to carry one, two, three beautiful children, and to contain a heart that can love so deeply.  It is a most magical thing.

December 10, 2014