May 28, 2015

School's Out For Summer

Last Thursday was the last day of school for the two big kids, and this marks the first full week of Summer vacation.  We had a busy, busy month, and it was nice to see our calendar completely clear for this first week of Summer - with nowhere to be and no prior commitments, we were able to relax and recharge a bit, watch spontaneous fun and good times unfold right before our eyes, and just take a few minutes to breath this all in.

I have to admit that I didn't enjoy last Summer as much as I would have liked.  We were still trying to figure out Olivia's health issues, I was still apprehensive about going places with an often unhappy baby, not to mention flat-out fearful of trying to manage three kids on my own in public, none of us were sleeping well so we were all a bit grumpy (to say the least), and let's face it, I was still a post-hormonal blubbering mess most days (keeping it real, folks!).  But now that the health issues are gone, I'm blessed with a much happier and easier-to-manage baby, now that I've gained enough confidence to easily and comfortably juggle all three kids outside of the house on my own, and now that life is just generally more peaceful and calm - I'm really looking forward to an entire Summer with all three little ones.  I have tons of plans for fun at-home activities and crafts, traveling to a few places, visiting family and friends, continuing to build upon what the kids learned in school this past year, and balancing it all out with quiet (heh!) and relaxing days as well.

And more than anything, I am simply soaking it all up, reveling in the here and now, and enjoying this beautiful season of life.

Fourteen Months

This little peach is now fourteen-months-old.  The big thing these past few months is that our little one finally seems to appreciate her sleep!  She has fallen into a really great sleeping schedule that includes not only sleeping the entire night (12+ hrs.) most of the time, but also, mercifully shifting her wake-up time from around 5am to a much more reasonable 7-8am.  With the big kids out of school now and no reason to set an alarm, we're all getting a few extra (uninterrupted) hours of shut-eye, and man, it sure is nice!  She also continues to nap twice a day (usually), and drifts off to sleep nearly every time with no fussing whatsoever.

She can walk just fine, but still chooses to crawl (or "walk" on her knees) the majority of the time, which suits me just fine because it keeps her a little bit slower for just a little bit longer.  Her adventurous nature is starting to shine through more and more, as her newest feat is climbing onto the couch (and attempted to climb on / over any obstacle she can create), and then promptly flopping around as if she were on a trampoline!

She now weighs in at 19.13lbs., still our petite little miss.  She wears mostly nine month clothing, though some are still too big, and she can get by with a few twelve month pieces.  She continues to nurse for a few minutes in the mornings and before bedtime, every now and then (but not often) during the day.  I think our breastfeeding journey is winding to a close, as she enjoys her cup throughout the day, but nursing is one of the few things she uses for comfort, so I don't think she's quite ready to give it up just yet.

Other news:
  • Weighs 19.13lbs.
  • Finally sleeping all night, 7pm-7am (average).
  • Has nine teeth, including her first molar.
  • Can walk but still prefers to crawl.
  • Has been nursing for 14 months.
  • Now sucks her thumb for a few minutes when going to sleep.
  • Has moved on from her timid nature, and now very receptive to others.  Definitely a Daddy's girl (I think she prefers him to me!).
  • Loves to be outside - swinging, riding in toy cars, going for walks, anything that involves the Great Outdoors.

May 27, 2015

Family Instagram Print

family instagram print

family instagram print

family instagram print

family instagram print

In doing our Family Yearbook, I came to realize that I have tons and tons of portraits of the kids, and a few of David and I alone, but there are very few pictures of us with the kids.  That's changing in a big way going forward, as David and I have vowed to start getting in the photos more often - we want the kids to be able to look back and see us in photos as well.

But one thing I did realize is that we have tons of impromptu snapshots of the family together via Instagram.  So I printed up this 18x24 collage which includes 35 Instagram photos of us, the vast majority featuring family members together, and it's prominently displayed front and center in our kitchen.

I love that this is not only another "portrait" of our family, not only another little chapter in our story - but that this print showcases the times that we are truly the happiest: when we are together.

May 26, 2015


Each and every day I find myself wanting to put more and more and more into this family, into these guys that I'm so incredibly blessed to call mine - and every additional ounce of me that I pour into them is given back tenfold, in the overwhelming happiness, the incredible joy, the indescribable fulfillment, and the amazing peace I've found in my life.

May 24, 2015

Meet Reagan

My beautiful niece.