August Recap

August 31, 2015

This was a pretty slow month for blogging, but I feel like I go through these periods of time now and then when life is really busy, or I'm just preoccupied with more important things, and I just don't have the desire to blog consistently.  But I think the waxing and waning is a pretty accurate representation of real life - hobbies tend to come and go throughout the year.  So we'll just say it's my way of keeping this space genuine and authentic.  Heh.

I didn't have a lot of time to talk about it here, but this has been an extraordinarily busy month for us.  At times fulfilling, at times overwhelming, and a little bit of everything in between - but so goes life.  Even on the most stressful and hurried of days, I wouldn't change one bit of it.  I have a huge backlog of photos to edit and post, with the stories that come along with them, but for now, here's a quick recap of what we've been up to.

I totally rocked my August goal to focus on health and fitness, and I'm so proud of myself for it!  I've been trying tons of new, healthy recipes (my apologies to those who follow me on Instagram for all the food spam), drinking a gallon of water everyday (literally - I measure it out in an old milk jug), and working out every single day (both walking/running and weight training).  Let me tell you, it feels amazing!  I feel stronger and fitter, already having increased my weights and finding myself able to run longer - and I'm really excited to see how far I can take this.  The scale is moving slowly, but I'm not focusing on that - I just want to increase my strength and stamina, get healthier and fitter.  The body transformation will come with time.

School started for the big kids, I finished up my Summer semester of grad school, and then I started my next class (only one this go round!).  Noah started football, a story I will share soon.  We're at practice three nights a week, so our already hectic evenings are even more busy now, but it's all worth it - these kids are the cutest ever!  This level of busy is brand new for us, and I feel like we're still trying to hash out a good routine.  It seems like there's always something that doesn't get done, but we're making it.  I haven't quite figured out how to squeeze family adventures into this crazy schedule, as we seem to spend weekends trying to get caught up, but that's changing now - we need our family time every week.  I am so ready for Fall!

September goals:
  • Live life, man!  I'm not making any goals for this coming month - we're just going to roll with the punches.  I have a few house projects I want to wrap up, photo shoots planned, football games every Saturday,  Autumn Festivals, the start of the NFL season (I have some fun football traditions I can't wait to incorporate into our lives!), I'll continue focusing on my health and fitness (and push myself even harder), and I'm also making downtime (individually during the day, and each week as a family) a big priority for us.  I'm ready to rock September!

Summer Semester: Results

August 26, 2015

So I'm not going to lie - I really bit off more than I could chew this past semester of school.  I'm pretty sure I formerly warned myself against taking two graduate level classes at once, but I flippantly disregarded this and signed up for Complex Trauma and Disasters, and Multicultural Issues in Human Services.  Admittedly, everything was flowing along nicely until the last few weeks, when all the big papers suddenly become due all at once.  To top it off, I had the most thorough professor I've ever heard of - the type who writes 5-6 pages of information in the weekly instructions, several pages in response to discussion board assignments, brags about the hours she dedicates to grading every paper, and so on.  Plus we had the beginning of school for Faith and Noah to prepare for, and then adjust to - in addition to a week of football camp and then three nights a week of practice.  But despite it all, and only with the support and encouragement of this amazing little family of mine, I passed both classes with flying colors.  And despite things being a bit stressful towards the end, I'm continuing to really enjoy the material.  I have no idea where I'll end up going in the future career-wise, but I really hope I can put all this useful crisis information to good use.  Just a few classes left and I'll have that degree in hand!

Sixteen Months

August 19, 2015

Our little peach is now sixteen (nearly seventeen) months old!  She weighs in at twenty pounds, and is thirty inches long.  She continues to sleep through the nights, and usually only takes one (afternoon) nap, though she will occasionally take a morning nap.  She talks a bit, but much like her big brother and sister, doesn't say a whole lot just yet.  The most heard words are hello, bye bye, Dadda, who's that, what's that, thank you, and a lot of incoherent babble.  Overall, she's a quiet little thing, just like her father.

She never cries at all these days - the only time she really even fusses is when she's tired, and even that is just the tiniest little whine (a significant improvement from the early months of nonstop tears!).  She still prefer to interact with others versus independent play (a stark contrast to her big brother and sister, who still prefer to play alone most of the time), but every now and then she will spend a few minutes playing on her own.  I've said it before, but I believe this is just the universe's way of ensuring I don't miss out on this precious time with my last baby.

Every day our love continues to grow.  She adores her big brother and sister, and it's obvious how she lights up their worlds.  She is absolutely perfections, and she completes this family so beautifully.

First Day of School

August 17, 2015


Times, They Are A Changin'

August 9, 2015


I am slowly moving into a new season of life, something I've written about several times before.  I think people are always moving through seasons - day-by-day and week-by-week, life is always shifting, if only slightly, as we live our life experiences and grow and evolve.  Every now and then, those little transitions are not so little, those shifts are big, and they change us in a big way.

This new season of life for me (and for us) is very, very big. It's tough, sometimes - often - but it's so, so rewarding.  The saying my hands are full but my heart is fuller crosses my mind often.  There are moments when I want to throw in the towel and cry on the bathroom floor, but I always allow myself plenty of grace, and there is never one bit of all this I would change for the world.

Every day I'm learning and growing just a little bit more.  Every day I try different approaches to overcome these new difficulties that I never even imagined could exist.  Every day I'm finding new levels of happiness and satisfaction, more and more contentment with our simple, yet beautiful life.  Every day I'm amazed by how quickly everything is changing, and I sometimes find myself desperately clinging to the security that the steady constants of life bring.  I'm bounced around by all this conflicting newness, by how things can be frustratingly unfamiliar and hard, yet simultaneously overwhelm me with joy and fulfillment.

I've been reluctant to accept change lately, I'm not sure why, as I've always been the adventurous type, but I suppose we all like the comfort of routine, regularity, structure, and reliability.  I know I do anyway.  I think one of the reasons I'm so reluctant to embrace this new transition is because of the forced nature of it all, the uncertainty.  When I decided to leave an abusive marriage, when I decided to return to college, when I started a relationship with David, when we chose to have a third child - these were all well-thought out life transitions, well-planned and well-prepared for changes.

But this...this new season is something far, far beyond my control.  This life where I'm suddenly the mom of a hormonal pre-teen, a whole new world of parenting that nothing could have adequately prepared me for.  This life where I am suddenly a "soccer mom" and facing the unexpected trials and tribulations that come with the world of sports for a conflicted little boy.  This life where I'm questioning and reanalyzing my worldview, and the impact that has on every aspect of my life.  This life where I'm thrust into new roles, feeling myself growing in new ways, and changing in ways I cannot describe to others - none of this is predictable, or well-thought out, or well-planned, or well-prepared for.  And that can be quite daunting.

But through it all, the only thing that really matters is that this family sees and knows how much they are cherished and adored, how they light my whole entire world on fire.

And so, in this season - this season of confusion, and growth, and difficulties, and joy, and satisfaction, and conflicting emotions, and love, and all the things that make our beautiful world spin round - I don't have all the answers.  But that's where we are.  And that's okay.

This blog will continue to be a growing and evolving and changing reflection of me, of who I am and everything I love, as I continue to capture my heart.

Stay tuned...